Occupy their Mailboxes!!

"For every person on the street non-violently protesting, there are scores more at home who (either through distance or circumstance) find that they are unable to be there. This does not mean that you cannot help. 

In fact, you are needed. We are all needed.

To beat these Goliaths, we are going to need all the slings we can get. 

This group aims to give all of you who cannot be on the streets the tools to help the cause from wherever you are. Your support is greatly needed.

We are going to focus, on overflowing the mailboxes of our government and our media with focused mass mailings. You can find the first assignment on the NOTES page. A form letter is even provided for you if you need it. You need only follow the directions and spread, spread, spread the word! 
This first letter will be sent en masse on MONDAY, OCTOBER 17th.

Let’s knock down some giants.”