Someone on facebook posted a 99% thing and said “make capitalism work again!”




Capitalism is working.
This is how it works.
How is that difficult to grasp?

Capitalism isn’t working, it has never worked. 

I suppose I should have clarified. Saying that capitalism is “working” and that this is “how it works” isn’t a positive judgment statement.

“Capitalism is working” does not mean “Capitalism is doing good” or that we should keep it because it’s awesome. That’s not at all what I’m saying.

I was trying to point out that it seems absurd to me that people think we need to “fix capitalism”, that somehow we’ve gone away from it and need to return. Capitalism doesn’t need fixing it needs abolishing. The “1% rich/99% everyone else” thing is how capitalism works, that isn’t a failure of the system, that is the system.

Capitalism isn’t working out for us, absolutely, but that’s how capitalism works.

I sometimes hate the English language. Maybe “functions” would have been a better word to use?

Capitalism isn’t working.  Now.

That isn’t to say certain tenets of capitalism in partial usage couldn’t be beneficial when combined with limitations on its role in society.  I fully believe that no proscriptive theory will be able to function realistically in actual practice and we need to look more at the complexity of human nature and ever-changing technological ability.  The real questions I grapple with are 1. what is the role of the market?  2.  how do we uphold that?

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    Im not defending it, but it did worked a bit last century with the Bretton Woods agreement. Everything went to hell when...
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    Ohhhh, fucking english. That makes a lot more sense.
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    I suppose I should have clarified. Saying that capitalism is “working” and that this is “how it works” isn’t a positive...
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    If this is how capitalism “works” then I’d hate to see it broken.
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    That’s the point.
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    Capitalism has never worked. It is an inherently flawed system.
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